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Swimming Earplugs

Recommended by Doctors Worldwide

Putty Buddies® are our soft, comfortable silicone earplugs available in original and floating formulas. One simply floats on water and one does not. They are much more soft and tacky than other earplugs. Most importantly they are easy to use and BLOCK WATER!

What's the difference between the Original Putty Buddies® and Floating Putty Buddies®? Simply that one floats and one does not. The combination of the Putty Buddies® earplugs and Ear Band-It® headband WILL BLOCK WATER. GUARANTEED!

First you need ear plugs to create a seal and block water. Our Putty Buddies® ear plugs are premium soft moldable silicone ear plugs that are perfect for sensitive ears and blocking water. The Ear Band-It® or Ear Band-It Ultra® adds an extra layer of protection and helps keep earplugs in place. Use both for maximum security and the best ear protection possible!

Why Putty Buddies®?

BLOCK water during ANY water activity
Help prevent ear infections and swimmer's ear
Keep ear plugs in place
Alternative to expensive and uncomfortable custom ear molds

Who Should Use Putty Buddies®?

Children with ear tubes
Adults who do not like water in their ears