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Swimming headbands & water earplugs protecting ears for 30+ years!

We are the makers of the ORIGINAL swimming headband, invented by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Helps prevent swimmer's ear and leads the way in ear protection. Recommended by doctors worldwide. Great for ear tubes!

The Original Swimming Headband

Ear Band-It® ULTRA + Putty Buddies® earplugs combo set


Ear Band-It® Original + Putty Buddies® earplugs combo set


Putty Buddies® Floating Earplugs


Putty Buddies® Original Earplugs


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Ear Band-It®'s unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears for ALL AGES.

Best Water Ear Protection

Give our Ear Band-It® headband and Putty Buddies® ear plugs a try today! We GUARANTEE protection or your money back!

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About EarVolution

Makers of the Ear Band-It® swimming headband and Putty Buddies® ear plugs.

The Original Ear Band-It® ear protection system was developed by a board certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physician, and has been recommended for 25 years by specialists worldwide for children with ear tubes and reoccurring ear problems.

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