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Swimming Headbands

We Invented the Swimming Headband

The Ear Band-It® is designed to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place while engaging in water activities. Ear Band-It®'s unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears for ALL AGES. We now offer a new and improved version called the Ear Band-It® Ultra. The combination of the Putty Buddies® earplugs and Ear Band-It® headband WILL BLOCK WATER. GUARANTEED!

First you need ear plugs to create a seal and block water. Our Putty Buddies® ear plugs are premium soft moldable silicone ear plugs that are perfect for sensitive ears and blocking water. The Ear Band-It® or Ear Band-It Ultra® adds an extra layer of protection and helps keep earplugs in place. Use both for maximum security and the best ear protection possible!

Uses for Ear Band-It®:

  • BLOCK water during ANY water activity
  • Help prevent ear infections and swimmer's ear
  • Keep ear plugs in place
  • Children with ear tubes
  • Adults who do not like water in their ears
  • Alternative to expensive and uncomfortable custom ear molds

Check out the Ear Band-It Ultra in action!